The World Is Your Marketplace

If you were to open a convenience store, you would think long and hard about the store’s location.
A superb shopping mall style complex in the middle of an arid desert would get very few visitors as opposed to a tiny burger stall on a busy street in New York.

It would not make much sense to open your business in a remote area with few customers.

When you start a website, every person with online access is a potential customer.
Have you ever wondered how many people actually use the Internet? Is it a few hundred thousand, a few million or more?

According to the Internet World Stats website, out of a total 6.5 billion people on the planet, about 1/6-th of them go online.
That is a staggering 1 billion people!

Obviously those who could potentially access your website is less than that since for example not everyone speaks the same language.

If you are developing a website in English then you have access to at least 330 million people considering just North America.
Of course there are many more English speaking countries so that number is much larger.

Maybe you are thinking that you only want to run a local business.. a local service business, and I would say that is fine.
But with the potential to sell maybe products you use in your business globally, you would be foolish to miss the opportunity of a web presence.

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For example, say you ran a local carpet cleaning business and only wanted to physically work in a 20 mile radius of your home.
That is sensible for many reasons, and I don't want to discourage that.

However, by selling products you use in your day to day business online will enhance your business reach and customers you service would also be able to buy from you as well.

I hope these numbers and ideas help you realize a couple of important points.
First, if your website does not get much traffic at first don’t give up.

You just haven’t reached all of your potential customers. This brings me to my second point.

Marketing is important to success and I hope that you now understand why.

In a later article, I will discuss how to properly market your website in order to drive traffic to it.

For the time being just take some time to comprehend what a vast economy the Internet really is and the opportunities that exist therein.

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