Let Me Build You A Blogger Blog!

Do You Want A Web Presence Hosted For FREE by the 

Of Course You Do!

Listen, Google Blogger Blogs are excellent.

Do Not let anyone tell you different.

It's a great format to build a blogsite or website on and I can build one for you!

For just $5 I can easily build you a starter 5 page site.

I want your business to be a success and spending huge amounts on web hosting and web design early on, before you know if your business is going to be a success, is a a risk.

So with that in mind, why not try us and get your business or business idea, hobby or just a personal site online today!

To Give You Some Idea of our future services:

Initial 5 Page Blogger Site....just $5!

Want Us To Add More Pages?....$1 a Page

Want Us To Add Your Content On A Weekly Basis? ...$10 a week (unlimited postings, designs,social media etc...the lot!)


Our charges are low because we KNOW how hard it is  to get a website online and actually start to make some money from it through online or offline advertising.

We are looking to build long and strong relationships with our clients and letting us run your blog site for you can easily be the best few bucks a week you spend!

Drop us an email with your requirements to:


Order your blogger blog through Fiverr here

Order your blogger blog through Gumroad here

Or Order from us directly 

Just $5!

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