Why You Must Never Ever Stop Advertising Your Business

If you ever have the misfortune to encounter another company owner, self employed person or "would be" entrepreneur who makes the following statement:
"I Never Have To Advertise" PLEASE make sure you wish them well and then turn on your heels and leave any further conversation regarding business

This is probably the most annoying thing in business I have ever heard.

It is arrogant beyond belief. Essentially the protagonists of these sort of statements feel they are so good they don't need to advertise.

Well, here is a news flash for anybody thinking this about themselves or indeed any of the clued up folks who have taken the time to read this article:

"As Long As McDonalds, Coca Cola are still advertising...they so should YOU"

If both of these huge worldwide brands decided to stop all of their advertising do you think they would go out of business?

No, of course not. They are so huge and in pretty much every corner or the globe they make billions from their sales each year and much of that is from repeat customers.
They spend huge sums on advertising because it works. It continually pushes their brand, their business.....and their future.

And that is why they do it. They are protecting the already built business by adding layers of future business by advertising...continually.

I watched a tv show the other night here in the UK about the retailer John Lewis.
Every year they have a great TV ad to promote their Christmas range.
This years advert cost £1 million pounds to make and a further £6 Million to advertise it on UK television channels!

They have to do it. Even though they are a huge company with annual revenues of around £9.5 Billion....they still advertise.

In order for you to be a successful as a small business owner, entrepreneur or a sole trader you very simply put, have to copy what the huge businesses do.

I don't mean spending huge amounts. You don't have the money to.....yet!
But you must copy the ethic. The model.

As a footnote to the arrogant commentary made by each of the people who have said this to me over the years, 100% of them have either lost their business, gone broke or had to then get employment via a family friend or other company.

So, they followed their own cock-eyed mantra and that served them well!

I have a mantra too.

Always Keep Advertising

Tell everyone about your business

Run ads as cheaply as you can. Free newspapers can be good, but never pay too much. Go for simple classified ads, lineage works really well.

Give incentives to your customers..get their details, email and follow up if that is your business model

Get business cards from Vistaprint and give them out to everyone you meet.

Make flyers, get your name out their. Never stop.

Pens, stickers, fridge magnets..all dead cheap to get these days (see Vistaprint)

T-Shirts, Caps...the list goes on.
Free Ad newspapers
A low cost blog or mini website easily made with a great domain name for under £15!

All of these things are crucial for your business, product or service.
Don't ignore them and always keep advertising.

Controlling Business Growth

So you are getting more business. That is great. Your advertising has paid off.
Are you able to deal with all of the new business effectively without any kind of diminishment of service?

You better make sure you do. No new customer wants to hear the BS of "I'm too busy" or "We have been snowed under with orders"
They are not interested in that rubbish.

Make sure as your business gets better, you and your customer service does too.
If it means taking on extra help to fulfill your obligations then you MUST do that. You can't do everything, so don't try.

Building a business from scratch is tough.
A fabulous little book. And I mean little. You can read this in an hour but the messages will stay with you for much longer.
I would recommend it to anyone looking to rediscover their edge or seeking ways to inject new energy and meaning into their lives. 
No bull, this is a great little read. You will not be disappointed.

Imagine it has been snowing.You wake up one morning and decide you want to build the biggest snowball you can.

The Snowball starts small, but as you roll it, it gathers in size. The more you roll...the bigger it gets.

But, if the snow starts to melt....so does your snowball.

The best way to keep your snowball from melting, is to make sure you are always adding more snow.
To keep that snowball growing you need more snow.

New snow.

If you do that you are definitely making sure that your business never, ever fails as a result of lack of advertising effort.

All of these ways are very easy to replicate.

You just have to believe in doing these two critical points.

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