Do Small Businesses need websites?

Should Small Businesses have a web presence?

In one word, yes! The internet is the most effective marketing tools in existence nowadays, have the capability of reaching far more people than any leaflet drop or advertisement in the local paper ever will.

Should you produce your own website?

It all depends on your skills, if you have the ability to produce a site that looks good, then go ahead, it will save you money and will work wonders as a marketing tool. However if your skills are limited or non-existent then we'd say no.

Why? No, not because we want your money (although we don't mind if you want to give it to us...), because if your site doesn't have a professional look to it, then it is going to reflect badly on your company's image.

Do you need to spend lots of money?

Does this answer your question?
You are reading this on a blogger site that I designed!
Within a short space of time you could have a blogsite that looks great like ours does! More importantly though, you will be getting traffic to your site and orders for your business, product or service,,which is what every one wants!

What content do you need?

This all depends on what you want from being online, if you want to sell online, have your products online is going to be very useful!
If you're just looking to get your company online, then there are TWO elements that we believe are imperative:

Information about your company 
How to contact you 

Without these two no-one is going to know who or what you are, with the former being your chance to sell yourself.

Remember when people look at websites, if its well designed they won't know if they're dealing with a multi-national company or a one person organisation, this is your chance to play alongside the big boys!!

What to do now?

So you're convinced a website is the way to go?
Excellent, this can only be of benefit to you!
Now you've got to find a designer (there's one right here!!!), things to keep in mind when looking is what kind of style are you looking for, find some websites that you like then find some designers and see if they can produce something along that line!

If they can, you're on the way to bringing into being what can be one of your best employees!!

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