10 Ways To Raise Cash Fast

You need to raise money... fast. And you feel more tense up as time goes by, when you're under pressure you can't think logically to come up with a good plan to make money.

No worries, let me do all the thinking and I've come up with 10 Workable plans to raise cash fast both online and offine.

Some of these strategies require certain knowledge, some require certain assets. But most of them just need a laptop and internet connection.

Most of the tactics won't make rich but it does help if you need to make some quick buck.

Read on now and select one or few ways that work best for you.

Tactic #1: Fire Sale
Go through your computer's hard drive, do you have lots of content that you own the
rights to resell? (ie: master resell rights, resell rights, private label rights).
What you need to do now is set up a 3 days firesale and sell it to you list.
Gather and organize all your resellable content and set up a simple minisite with a
new domain name (ie: 72HoursCrazyDeal.com)
Next step: broadcast a message to your list and let them know this is ONE time never
repeated offer, and only last for 3 days.

Requirements: resellable content, opt in list.

Tactic #2: Online Auction
One of the fastest and simplest way to raise cash online is by selling your 'unwanted
stuff' on eBay - one of the largest online marketplace.
Look around your house for items that no longer in use, example: musical CDs, DVDs,
collectables, toys, PC games, antiques and so forth.
You need to sign up as a eBay member, then make sure you take some good and
clear pictures, insert popular keywords into the title and description.

Requirements: unwanted items in your house, an eBay seller account

Tactic #3: Warrior Special Offer (WSO)
If you're in the I.M. (Internet Marketing) niche, you should know about
There is a special section called 'Warrior Special Offers' (WSO) where forum members
are selling and buying info poducts from each other.
In order to raise fast cash from WSO, you need to have your own products.
Bundle them together and make an unbelievably low, 'no brainer' offer.
If you have lots of great and useful posts, you'll gain more respect from other
members. And this help to generate more WSO sales.

Requirements: your own info products, great reputation on Warrior Forum.

Tactic #4: Buying and Selling Websites
If you have some extra money to invest, visit eBay.com, flippa.com, ioffer.com,
buysellwebsite.com to look for website deals. You'll discover some good potential sites
but make little profits - those sites with high quality content, consistent traffic but
hardly make any money.
You task is to buy these under performing sites, modify them, tweak them and make
them more profitable, then resell them.
Beside flipping websites, you can build your own website and sell it too. Here's how:
Buy a domain name
Buy a hosting
Install Wordpress
Put in some great and high quality niche content
Sell it

Requirements: some money to to invest, some technical skills about building and
tweaking websites.

Tactic #5: Flipping Domain Names
Visit eBay.com, dnforum.com and you can see people are selling some unique domain
names. Before you jump right in, study past sales and observe what kinds of names
people are looking for. Normally domain names that contain rich keywords are

After that you can register some new domain names and try selling it or you can buy
some good ones from one market and sell it on another market for profits

Example: Buy from eBay and sell it on forum or the other way.

Requirement: some money to invest

Tactic #6: Craiglist
You can turn some of your old and unwanted stuff to cash through eBay. The only
problem here is eBay charge listing fees and final value fees.
If you want to do this for free, check out craigslist.org

Requirements: some old and unwanted stuff, Craigslist account

Tactic #7: Combine Both eBay and Craigslist
When you run out of old stuff to sell, what you can do next is to buy products from
eBay and sell it on Craigslist or vice versa.
You make money when you buy not when you sell - run a search on 'eBay Completed
Listings' to research the closing price on products you plan to sell.
Then negotiate with suppliers on Craigslist for lower price and flipp them on eBay to
make profit.

Requirements: some money to invest, eBay seller account, Craigslist account.

Tactic #8: Flipping Offline Products Online or Vice Versa
This strategy is quite similar to previous one. Now you look for products offine and sell
them online for profits or vice versa.
Here're a few places to source for products offline:
 yard sales, estate sales, offline auctions
 flea markets
 stores that are going out of business

Requirements: some money to invest, eBay seller account, Craigslist account.

Tactic #9 Become an Online Tutor
Are you an expert or do you have a degree in subjects like algebra, chemistry, or
english? If yes, you can get some quick cash by becoming a virtual tutor on sites like
You can also promote your tutoring service on Craigslist.org

Requirement: Degree in algebra, chemistry or other school/college related subjects.

Tactic #10: Turn Your Pictures Into Fast Cash
If you're a good photographer, why not turn your profession or hobby into fast cash
by selling your pictures on stock photo sites like:


There are people who want to use your photos on their websites or other promotional
materials and they are willing to pay for it.

Requirements: Good photographic skills

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